~ Let's see, a deceased woman and bored young lady finds herself crossing over the void and falling in love with a mortal young lady that cannot see or hear her. Persistence is key here and the story is split into two parts. The first half is from the perspective of our poor ghost, while the second is from our over-worked substance abusing mortal recipient.


Not alive, yet not sorted. She wanders in between.
Two worlds not connected, but somehow interweaved.

Head down and ignored. The tedium remains the same.
The graying sights have left her bored, a busy world's a lonely place.

As it happens....
A sweet distraction claims her affection from beyond the buried fade.

Her kind, to the other side, can't be seen, touched or heard.
She steps across from for what loves worth and in the light-she shivers.

Now contrast of realms, locked in her shell.
A beautiful blond lost in bright colored pills.
More recently comes constant unease.
Int never shuts off and it keeps her from sleep.

Head down, she ignores an erotic shadow pleads her name.
This can't be real, these thoughts are forged, she tries to drink it all away.

Trough out the day....
She steps aside from shaded lines and interacts with very few.

'Cause at night, the dreams despised, in emptiness a fervant chill.
The unseen guest lay beside her and wide awake - she shivers.


from Minus Twenty°, released May 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Ides of Winter Edmonton, Alberta

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