Minus Twenty°

by Ides of Winter



released May 7, 2016



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Ides of Winter Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Perfect Arctic Stars
Sworn winds bring the reign of sheep and complacent souls
Hidden among frozen leaves that earned their peace
And the stars in the ice glance across the sea
For the wolf may yet protect its young's starving, desperate calls

North walls and crevassed peaks once stood acclaimed
Now dulled and in retreat from the tundras fractured crown

Perfect arctic stars. Failing. Perfect arctic stars, un-shinning

Mist veils the moon. Dark clouds disguised. She cries.
Her calls go unheard. Perfect stars stnad aside, again, she cries

Shallow visages haunt the mounting toll on a landscape grown pale and yellow.
Forget, lessons learned.
Repeat the cycle, fall the chosen trees, eliminate a faint heart-beat.
The death rattle on our hands,

Respond or re-god. Frozen waste.
Respond or re-god, Its your fate.

Perfect arctic stars. Failing, Perfect arctic stars un-shining.
Track Name: Post Maternal Succession
Called into the trail of rain.
Where she saw the red drops start to melt away.
She knew it came, knew what it claimed.
The virgin taste in the air turned wrong.
What it stole she'll ever chase after.
Her beauty lit by the coming storm.

But she casts an ugly shadow.

Two girls can play, but three was okay.
Or so it would seem, but her youth was last seen
Where the cross marks the wolven lair.
Hand in hand they'd whisper things
but seldom said their prayers.

Solace life, torn from her sleeve
And, a new relief en-cloaked in a redden dream.

By lunar phase I claw through timber and dirt.
But she casts and ugly shadow.
To confront the one and end this curse.
But she casts...

A shadow wrought with stifled screams,
Revenge a blade stilled at it peaks.

"You sough me, here I stand.
Clad in guilt for who I am"
"My former life has dawned, the young and sweet have grown and gone.
Tell me wolven-she, does she rest now between your teeth?"
"Its true, but know its the laws of nature that still govern me."

In time more girls will play
and tiny crosses will mark their place.
For it lies sedate in her wolven lair.
Hand in hand she watches them,
they didn't say their prayers.

Solace life, torn from her sleeve.
And, a new relief en-cloaked in a redden dream.
Track Name: Shiver
Not alive, yet not sorted. She wanders in between.
Two worlds not connected, but somehow interweaved.

Head down and ignored. The tedium remains the same.
The graying sights have left her bored, a busy world's a lonely place.

As it happens....
A sweet distraction claims her affection from beyond the buried fade.

Her kind, to the other side, can't be seen, touched or heard.
She steps across from for what loves worth and in the light-she shivers.

Now contrast of realms, locked in her shell.
A beautiful blond lost in bright colored pills.
More recently comes constant unease.
Int never shuts off and it keeps her from sleep.

Head down, she ignores an erotic shadow pleads her name.
This can't be real, these thoughts are forged, she tries to drink it all away.

Trough out the day....
She steps aside from shaded lines and interacts with very few.

'Cause at night, the dreams despised, in emptiness a fervant chill.
The unseen guest lay beside her and wide awake - she shivers.
Track Name: Compound MissFortune
Ignored the shadow grows.
Her subtle hands seem more familiar.
Impatience upon bit lips.
Shrugging the last of frail restraint,
In the silence, a recoiled inhale...
Then her screams re-break my heart.

The crows are too close to breathe.
Among visions that don't speak at all.
A whimper from the majestic queen,
As I lay with Lady December.

The crows are too close to breathe.
Among visions that don't speak at all.
A whimper from the majestic queen.
There I lay...

Some have pulled the distance of stars.
Some don't recall the pleasures that will remain ingrained.
Still others wander through zodiac winters. The receding of faith.
Where the cold MissFortune was found in her place.

It's a struggled path when the seasons change
and the devil herself waits at the door.
Blame won't change a thing.
With a gypsy sway, her curse unframed.
I'm lost in Autumn's wake.

Forged and caught
where guilt and list are not so far apart.
Across her crystal stars.
Elevens turned on every card.

The crows are too close to breathe.
Track Name: Forgotten Angels and The Devil's Scribe
By candle light I commit to written word, not to warn or recruit,
Just a braggarts tale of one lose, and lived more than a king.

I should have know better, but my conscious sleeps.
Before is desert these walls, dust will claim my bones.

On an autumn eve a younger version of me stumbled through the void between.
A chanced upon a most horrid sight.
A keep built from feathered end, and there a woman grabbed my hand.
And gently lead me through the gates to hell.

Their funeral on stage, stacked up so heavenly,
A host of forgotten names.

Oh how their eyes glisten.
Their fertile walls do please...

One by one the lovely dead embraced. A vile fortress to mock gods name.
Frozen solid and embossed in sin.
Where women play and never age, their witchcraft flows through my veins,
The mortal fare, I so gladly paid,

Their funeral on stage, stacked up so heavenly
My pages fade. As light dims at the end of my days.
Darkness replaces all names.

A host of forgotten names.
Track Name: Vivienne
A clear account, amidst the fragrant sounds, we met near an alder grove.
I saw reprieve, and her in me, Then the irons trolled for the newly blessed.
On cold nights by fireside she taught me arts and forbidden lore,
I came to know, her voice had slowed, I watched her inch away from heavens grace.

A small child she bore with the last breath that she spoke.
Through cross shadows we walked on the longest of days and tearfully kissed.

A gift. A child. From lost now re-made.
So why befall my with ill state?
When the flowers rained, we parted ways
and I placed her next to where her mother lay.

By a several thread I tried to hold on, But, What's the point when everything's gone?

The song of irons sing a horrid tune.
Twice now sung and now forever removed.
A fitting end to a fate I must deserve.
I may have laughed, but in truth I dissolved.
Not a single word on these stones I recalled.
Where flowers fell. my memories don't serve.

What was her name? What was her name? It's always the same.
Track Name: Six Digit Grave
Ignite and the world subsides.
She shutters from every little vibe.
All out, Fantastic greed.
There's no expression in team.

Labored, the senses arouse.
Calling the most strangled of sounds.
A fair trade, the sword pantomime,

By herself.
No one else,
She's by herself.
There's no one...

Onward, the pace gaining ground.
Soldiers preparing to drown,
Applauding the violence portrayed
Leaning against the vastness of space.
Never a word and so seldom seen,
She's locked away in damp quarantine,
Track Name: Rusalka
I go where the waters roam, just beneath the coldest layer.
To look desperately through the ice and feign a helpless loss of air.
And, oh the men fall prey, their souls go willingly
Each skeletal remain is a memory held dear.

Come those that thirst, shed your burdens against my waves.

So long a spell may not be sound.
How long can a servant go without?
Resistance gleamed but never found.
To touch the face submerged that goddesses announce.

If counted all the sacrifices made,
Then hell would smile rejoiced and reap them all in spades.

From the shore beneath the ice she can be seen
Her drowned expression justified.
Push through the warnings of the thin cobwebs
and reach for the woman in white washed dress.

Vows spoke between us far below the calm.
Breath out my dear, I'll keep you warm.
Sharpened words prick the water's tongue.
Bleed out my dear I'll keep you warm.

Down here in the blueish frigid haze,
her pale skin intensifies.
Not a single promise ever kept,
yet ashore, her victims stand in line.

Vows spoke between us far below the calm,
Breathe out my dear I'll keep you warm,
Sharpened words prick the waters tongue,
Bleed out my dear, I'll keep you.
Track Name: Malady
Assigned the new birth where the clovers seed.
So simple, yet so far from home.
On trial, with a bible held tightly in her hand.
But know that this story never,ever,ever ends.

She shone with a smile when we first met,
funny now how her presence left a mark upon my chest.
With ease, so cunning, and unseen.

Gone, but the ship's leaking,
Drops released back in steam.

She blames herself, in grievous health,
Infect all else - delirium,
Vaccinate, the one refrained,
and put away - delirium

She blames herself, in grievous health,
Infect all else - delirium,
Vaccinate, the one refrained,
and put away - delirium

This can't be me.

Cavities remain hollow. Ill effects of the curse we swallowed.
So burn this church, burn this town... Let the clover drown.

Gone, but the ship's leaking,
Drops released back in steam.

She blames herself, in grievous health,
Infect all else - delirium,
Vaccinate, the one refrained,
and put away - delirium

This can't be me, Self apostasy

Stillness, Engrossed
Sick son and holy ghost.
Sweet Mary, no fever showed.

In pulse. Divide.
Sick thieves and friends of mine.
Some lived, some never broke.
Track Name: Freezing Moon
Everything here's so cold
Everything here's so dark
I remember it from a dream
The corner of this time

Diabolic shapes float by
Out from the dark
I remember it was here I died
By following the freezing moon

It's night again, night you're beautiful
I'll please my hunger, on living humans
Night of hunger, follow it's call
Follow the freezing moon, yeah

Darkness is growing, the eternity opens
The cemetery lights up again, as in ancient times
Fallen souls, die behind my steps
By following the freezing moon, yeah