Post Maternal Succession

from by Ides of Winter



~ Another delicious fairytale filled with delightful lesbian girls.
Borrowed from "Little Red", we go back even before Grimms re-telling and dig into some of the original "educational" storylines, one of which is the introduction of the menstrual cycle as you can gather from the tongue-in-cheek acronym. Boring morals aside , we have girls and wolves alone in the forest and I just can't see anything wrong with this picture,



Called into the trail of rain.
Where she saw the red drops start to melt away.
She knew it came, knew what it claimed.
The virgin taste in the air turned wrong.
What it stole she'll ever chase after.
Her beauty lit by the coming storm.

But she casts an ugly shadow.

Two girls can play, but three was okay.
Or so it would seem, but her youth was last seen
Where the cross marks the wolven lair.
Hand in hand they'd whisper things
but seldom said their prayers.

Solace life, torn from her sleeve
And, a new relief en-cloaked in a redden dream.

By lunar phase I claw through timber and dirt.
But she casts and ugly shadow.
To confront the one and end this curse.
But she casts...

A shadow wrought with stifled screams,
Revenge a blade stilled at it peaks.

"You sough me, here I stand.
Clad in guilt for who I am"
"My former life has dawned, the young and sweet have grown and gone.
Tell me wolven-she, does she rest now between your teeth?"
"Its true, but know its the laws of nature that still govern me."

In time more girls will play
and tiny crosses will mark their place.
For it lies sedate in her wolven lair.
Hand in hand she watches them,
they didn't say their prayers.

Solace life, torn from her sleeve.
And, a new relief en-cloaked in a redden dream.


from Minus Twenty°, released May 7, 2016
Org 666 of Dead Jesus - Low vocal



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