Six Digit Grave

from by Ides of Winter



~ Read this one first and try to figure out its theme on your own. To some it may just simply be a suffering young girl trapped in a coffin or a shallow back-yard grave of some sort. This couldn't be further from the truth, shame on you.
Its nothing other than an outwardly expressive female that has locked her bedroom door, lit some sensual aromatic candles and is engaged in vigorously pleasing herself.
Don't believe me?
Read it again.

~ Caesar


Ignite and the world subsides.
She shutters from every little vibe.
All out, Fantastic greed.
There's no expression in team.

Labored, the senses arouse.
Calling the most strangled of sounds.
A fair trade, the sword pantomime,

By herself.
No one else,
She's by herself.
There's no one...

Onward, the pace gaining ground.
Soldiers preparing to drown,
Applauding the violence portrayed
Leaning against the vastness of space.
Never a word and so seldom seen,
She's locked away in damp quarantine,


from Minus Twenty°, released May 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Ides of Winter Edmonton, Alberta

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