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~ Feminine villainous folklore at its finest. Who wouldn't want to be seduced, pulled under the icy water and have the breath sucked from them by a charming, voluptuous witch?
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~ Caesar


I go where the waters roam, just beneath the coldest layer.
To look desperately through the ice and feign a helpless loss of air.
And, oh the men fall prey, their souls go willingly
Each skeletal remain is a memory held dear.

Come those that thirst, shed your burdens against my waves.

So long a spell may not be sound.
How long can a servant go without?
Resistance gleamed but never found.
To touch the face submerged that goddesses announce.

If counted all the sacrifices made,
Then hell would smile rejoiced and reap them all in spades.

From the shore beneath the ice she can be seen
Her drowned expression justified.
Push through the warnings of the thin cobwebs
and reach for the woman in white washed dress.

Vows spoke between us far below the calm.
Breath out my dear, I'll keep you warm.
Sharpened words prick the water's tongue.
Bleed out my dear I'll keep you warm.

Down here in the blueish frigid haze,
her pale skin intensifies.
Not a single promise ever kept,
yet ashore, her victims stand in line.

Vows spoke between us far below the calm,
Breathe out my dear I'll keep you warm,
Sharpened words prick the waters tongue,
Bleed out my dear, I'll keep you.


from Minus Twenty°, released May 7, 2016



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Ides of Winter Edmonton, Alberta

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